Soil Mix

Soil Mix

​A basic mixture of our compost and screened sandy loam top soil. This simple blend can be used for many different planting applications. Trees and shrubs will love this blend as it provides lots of organics and good drainage. Soil Mix can be used as a base for seed, sod, and hydroseeding; keep in mind you will need to add your own fertilizer for this mix depending on what you’re planting.

Application: Apply to any depth for raised beds and up to 3 inches for lawn bases, if more depth is needed lightly roll before planting.

Do you have soil questions? We have answers!
We get it, soil can be a complicated subject. We’re here to help! Email your soil questions to us at We’ll have our soil specialist, Julia, reach out to you. With 15 years in the field, she is sure to have some helpful tips for your project.

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$32.00/cubic yard

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