Sod Installation

Sod Maintenance Tips

Watering Your Sod
Sod should be watered at least 4 hours per day (2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening) for the first two weeks unless there is sufficient rainfall. Each time you water you should give the new sod approximately 3/4″ of water. A good way to measure how much water you are giving the area is to place an empty tuna fish can in the area you’re watering and turn your sprinkler on. When the water reaches the top of the tuna fish can, you’re done watering that area. Most people overestimate the amount of time they are actually watering so if your sod starts turning brown after the second day of watering, you may need to reassess your watering time. You also don’t want to over-water, so cut back if you get standing water. Continue to water at this rate for approximately 12 days or until the grass takes root.

Mowing Your Sod
Let your sod grow for at least two weeks before mowing. Mow the new grass at the highest blade setting.

Fertilizing Your Sod
Sod needs to be fertilized within two weeks with our 16-16-16 fertilizer. After initial fertilization, use our 25-7-12 fertilizer in March and September to help maintain your sod’s health.


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