One of the most common calls we get at Highway Fuel is from people looking for “Mulch”. The term mulch seems to be the new green buzz word around the landscaping and gardening communities. So, what is mulch, exactly? The word mulch most likely comes from the German word molsch, which is the word used to describe something that is soft and starting to decay. A mulch layer typically consists of a layer of organic material covering the soil, especially found around trees or shrubs. Some examples of organic materials that can be used to mulch include wood chips, bark, compost, sawdust, leaves, & straw. Organic mulches are best for adding nutrients to the soil and suppressing weeds, but they don’t fully block all weeds. Inorganic materials such as landscape fabric, gravel or stone can work well for blocking weeds and holding in moisture, but don’t add any nutrients to soil. Gravel and stones can work well as mulch for plants that like hot weather or gardens that need good amount of drainage such as rain gardens.

Placing mulch around the landscape is by no means a new technology. Plants have long been naturally creating mulch for themselves by dropping needles and leaves all around them, creating a protective barrier on top of the soil that their roots can grow in. Mother nature mulches annually, as one layer of organic matter decays another layer is added. People have also been using mulch to protect the roots of newly planted shrubs, trees, and plants for as long as people have worked the soil. A layer of mulch around the base of the plants will keep them well-moisturized and free from weeds in the summer as well as prevent erosion and keep the roots warm in the winter. The structure of the soil and overall fertility will improve if mulch is used consistently over time.
If you don’t have enough materials such as bark, wood chips, leaves, or gravel to use as mulch, call or stop by Highway Fuel. We carry many bulk bark products such as medium fir, dark fine fir, dark or red hemlock, dyed fir bark, or fir or cedar wood chips ( All bark products are available by the 5-gallon bucket (Bring Your Own Bucket, or buy one of ours) or by the cubic yard for pick-up, delivery, or installation using our blower truck service. Learn more about our blower service at