Our Playground Chips are a high-quality woodchip product that is designed, tested, and approved to meet the necessary certifications outlined by ASTM* (F1292, F2075, & F1951) and ADA** for fall protection, hazards, and wheelchair access. The engineered wood chips are screened to contain a variety of graded sizes to ensure necessary compaction for optimum performance and safety.

Product advantages include:

  • Impact-absorbing playground surfaces that offer more give than concrete, asphalt, wood, gravel or packed dirt.
  • Engineered wood fiber materials third-party certified to ASTM and ADA standards for playground surfaces. Meet legal requirements for public playground areas.
  • Made primarily from natural virgin wood by-products. No negative health or environmental effects, unlike rubber mulch, which certain studies have shown to leach out toxic chemicals over time.
  • Withstands years of play in many different weather and environmental conditions – such as extreme heat and cold, rain, wind, snow. Includes drainage properties to allow for quick water removal and drying.

*American Society for Testing and Materials
**Americans with Disabilities Act