Custom Blends

Let Highway Fuel create a custom soil blend for your next project. Our custom blends can help you meet the specific needs of sensitive plant species. We can even help you meet weight restrictions for Green Roofs and other weight-sensitive projects. Most blends can be blown in, making them ideal for large-scale or commercial projects. Whether you need two yards or two hundred yards, our team can help with your specialty soil needs.

For Erosion Control soils, please visit our Environmental Services page.

Here are some popular mixes Highway Fuel has cultivated in the past:

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Dahlias need well draining soil; clay and sandy loam, leaf compost, and organic material is best suited for dahlias. If you are planting in deck containers or pots, use garden soil, or a mixture of 2 parts garden soil and 1 part Dahlia Mix. Dahlias planted in 100% potting soil will dry out too often, causing poor bud formation. Our Dahlia Mix is a proprietary blend of Sandy Loam, Fine Dairy Compost, and Pumice, created with input from our friends at Swan Island Dahlias. It is designed to provide your dahlias with the soil they’ll love.


Our Iris Mix is Julia’s blend of Compost, Dark Fir, Sandy Loam, and Pumice. Its drainage qualities and pH levels will help make your blooms their best.



Our Rose Garden Mulch is a blend of Aged Hemlock and Fine Compost. Be sure to double-check soil pH when planting new roses.

Highway Fuel’s WQM soils are a family of soils designed in-house to meet specifications for applications such as bioswales, rain gardens, construction sites, and water treatment facilities. A blend of sand, loam, and organic matter is specifically designed to filter storm-water runoff. This product can be installed using Highway Fuel’s Conveyor Truck service. For an in-depth look at Highway Fuel’s Water Quality Soils, click here. Please call for availability.


Clay soil is no stranger to many gardeners in the mid-Willamette Valley. Salem’s red clay soil in the south hills, and many other clay soils in the valley can cause soil issues for gardners. Our blend of Garden Mulch and Washed Sand will improve the structure and help eliminate drainage and compaction problems common with this type of soil. Application: til into top 8 inches of soil


Build Your Own Blend – Let us blend your soil to your specs, choosing from our various soil mixes, composts, and amendments, including:
  • Acid mix
  • Alfalfa meal
  • Bat Guano
  • Bone Meal
  • Crater Lake minerals
  • Fish meal
  • Green sand
  • Gypsum
  • Mycorrhizal fungi
  • Oyster shells
  • Earthworm castings
  • Lime