One of the largest concerns from land disruption due to construction is stormwater erosion. Sediment carries nutrients and pollutants that degrade water resources and harm aquatic wildlife. Both permanent and temporary erosion control Best Management Practices (BMPs) can significantly decrease the amount of sediment that is carried into lakes, streams and rivers by stormwater runoff. This helps lessen negative impacts to local water resources and natural areas. 
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SilTrap Bio-Bags


Inlet Protection – Type 4
ODOT Specification 00280.16D

Description: Green Poly Mesh bag 16.75″x29″x6″ with 1/4″ mesh openings.
Applications: Curb Inlet, Catch Basin, Area Drain


SilTrap Check Bag


Check Dam – Type 3
ODOT Specification 00280.15a

Description: Woven Polypropylene Sock with 2.5mm openings. Custom lengths starting at 36″.
Applications: Check dams, swale, drainage ditches, channels.


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Compost Sock


Inlet Protection – Type 6
ODOT Specification 00280.16D

Sediment Barrier – Type 8
ODOT Specification 00280.16E

  • No trenching required for installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Little to no removal or waste
  • Can be installed year ’round in difficult soil conditions.


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Compost Berm

Sediment Barrier – Type 9
ODOT Specification 00280.15(f)

A Compost Berm consists of compost in the form of a dam, placed perpendicular to sheet flow, which controls erosion and retains sediment. Compost Berms are a low impact BMPs applied as a sediment control device. They are three dimensional filters that retain sediment and other pollutants while allowing the cleaned water to flow through. They can be used to replace more traditional erosion control BMPs such as silt fences.


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Stormwater Biochar

Filter socks are filled with filter media for removing heavy metals, including zinc and copper. The filter socks have also been shown to reduce both TSS and Turbidity.
The standard socks are 3′, 6′, and 10′ long, and are available in 8”, 12”, 18”, and 24” diameters, filled to specifications with BiocharBASIC™.

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