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Erosion Control Services 

Stormwater erosion is one of the most significant concerns of land disruption due to construction. Sediment carries nutrients and pollutants that degrade water resources and harm aquatic wildlife.

Compost blankets, compost berm, and compost socks are BMPs that can help alleviate erosion concerns.

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Water Quality Soils

Our Water Quality Soils are certified to meet the technical specifications of commercial and government projects. Highway Fuel also carries Ecology Mix for bioslopes and BES soils that meet the City of Portland’s Standard Construction Specifications (SCS)
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Erosion & Stormwater BMPs

Highway Fuel carries several Stormwater and Erosion BMP solutions for your project needs. Available for pick-up and delivery. 


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Every year Highway Fuel keeps thousands of tons of waste from going into landfills. This waste is turned into reusable materials. These high quality recycled materials are used to amend soils and grow healthy gardens.


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