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Skip Laurel

$40.00 each

BOTANICAL NAME: Prunus l. Schipkaensis



A very adaptable and fast-growing evergreen shrub that will grow in sun or shade. It is prized for its high-gloss foliage and highly fragrant flowers in spring. Adding up to 2 feet in height per year, the deep green shiny leaves form a dense evergreen shrub with a year-round “polished” look that is perfect as an accent or to frame corners in home foundations or to form a quick hedge or privacy screen. Without pruning, the Schip Laurel grows up to 15 feet tall and 6 to 7 feet wide. That said, plants can be maintained at about half those dimensions with an annual pruning or two.

Sun: Full sun – part shade
Mature size: 15 ft tall, 6-7 ft wide
Foliage: Green
Watering: Moderate – Regular
Zone: 5-9
Some plants can be toxic if ingested