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Red Hemlock

Picked-up: $36.00 /cubic yard

Rich reddish-brown in color and great for weed control. Ideal for the active gardener and animal owners. Hemlock is one of the most beautiful mulches available in the market and is popular with homeowners due to its having minimal slivers.



Rich auburn red-brown color. Hemlock bark is often referred to as the “sliver-free bark.” Ideal for the active gardener and animal owners due to the minimal slivers. Hemlock is one of the most beautiful mulches available in the market and is popular with homeowners. The color will vary at different times of the year but will always have a rich red or burgundy tone. Along with an aesthetic appeal, this product adds a natural barrier that insulates roots from diverse weather conditions while aiding in weed control and water retention. A closer inspection is available at our yard.

Application: Install 2′′-3′′ for newly constructed areas or 1′′-2′′ to freshen existing beds.

Calculating Materials


1,728 cubic inches = 1 cubic foot
27 cubic feet = 1 cubic yard
7.5 cubic yards = 1 unit
One 5 gallon bucket = 0.67 cubic foot


144 square inches = 1 square foot
9 square feet = 1 square yard
43,560 square feet = 1 acre

How much area will a cubic yard cover at a given depth?

At 1/2″ deep, 640 square feet
At 1″ deep, 324 square feet
At 2″ deep, 162 square feet
At 3″ deep, 108 square feet
At 4″ deep, 81 square feet
At 6″ deep, 54 square feet
At 12″ deep, 27 square feet

Material weights

Please note weights can vary due to moisture content.
Bark Mulch: 500-800 lbs/cubic yard
Compost: 800-1,100 lbs/cubic yard
Soils: 1,300-2,000 lbs/cubic yard
Gravel: 2,000-2,500 lbs/cubic yard
Sand: 2,000-2,300 lbs/cubic yard


Volume of a Rectangle


Volume of a circle


Volume of a Triangle

Our estimate planning tools are provided for your reference and convenience. Highway Fuel is happy to help, please call us at 503-363-6444 or email for assistance.

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