Ledge Stone

Ledgestone is an all-natural stacked stone used for siding, fireplace veneer, cladding, or fascia and is used in residential and commercial architectural construction for both exterior and interior applications. 





Autumn Gold Ledge

Gold with streaks of dark gold, gray with a silver white background, and contains minor amounts of micas on the split surfaces. It ranges in size and shape, with variations in thickness from 2”-4”, making it a great stone for small walls, bordering paths and driveways, and landscape accents.

Storm Mountain Ledge

This stone will shimmer in light. It ranges in size, shape and is available in silver, green, and gold. It varies in thickness from 2”­-4” making it a great stone for small walls, bordering paths and driveways, and landscape accents.

Bluestone Ledge

Light gray in color when dry and blue when wet, this stone comes in 4” and 8” widths. Bluestone ledge is 2”­-4” thick and is great for small retaining wall, bordering path and driveways, and landscape accents. The 8” widths could also be used for building steps.

Molalla Ledgestone

Gray in color with hints of light to dark brown, varied in shape with a thickness range of 3”­-4”. They are terrific for small walls, steps or borders.

Calculating Material


1,728 cubic inches = 1 cubic foot
27 cubic feet = 1 cubic yard
7.5 cubic yards = 1 unit
One 5 gallon bucket = 0.67 cubic foot


144 square inches = 1 square foot
9 square feet = 1 square yard
43,560 square feet = 1 acre

How much area will a cubic yard cover at a given depth?

At 1/2″ deep, 640 square feet
At 1″ deep, 324 square feet
At 2″ deep, 162 square feet
At 3″ deep, 108 square feet
At 4″ deep, 81 square feet
At 6″ deep, 54 square feet
At 12″ deep, 27 square feet

Material weights

Please note weights can vary due to moisture content.
Bark Mulch: 500-800 lbs/cubic yard
Compost: 800-1,100 lbs/cubic yard
Soils: 1,300-2,000 lbs/cubic yard
Gravel: 2,000-2,500 lbs/cubic yard
Sand: 2,000-2,300 lbs/cubic yard


Volume of a Rectangle


Volume of a circle


Volume of a Triangle

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