2″-4″ Open Quarry Rock

Picked-up: $40.00 /cubic yard

Crushed basalt rock without fines, mostly dark gray in color. Very durable compacting rock, ideal for use in soft soils, heavy vehicle or truck traffic, or where drainage is important. This material is larger than your standard driveway gravel. It is mined from quarries in the Willamette Valley.



Available in two sizes, 3/4” (screened at 3/4″-1/4″) and 1 1/2″ (screened at 1 1/2″-3/4″), this is an angular crushed rock, tan/gold in color. Very durable rock, with very few fines, used for decorative pathways and landscape borders; drains well.

Tip: Using a weed barrier or fabric under this material helps keep rock in place and last longer.

Calculating Material


1,728 cubic inches = 1 cubic foot
27 cubic feet = 1 cubic yard
7.5 cubic yards = 1 unit
One 5 gallon bucket = 0.67 cubic foot


144 square inches = 1 square foot
9 square feet = 1 square yard
43,560 square feet = 1 acre

How much area will a cubic yard cover at a given depth?

At 1/2″ deep, 640 square feet
At 1″ deep, 324 square feet
At 2″ deep, 162 square feet
At 3″ deep, 108 square feet
At 4″ deep, 81 square feet
At 6″ deep, 54 square feet
At 12″ deep, 27 square feet

Material weights

Please note weights can vary due to moisture content.
Bark Mulch: 500-800 lbs/cubic yard
Compost: 800-1,100 lbs/cubic yard
Soils: 1,300-2,000 lbs/cubic yard
Gravel: 2,000-2,500 lbs/cubic yard
Sand: 2,000-2,300 lbs/cubic yard


Volume of a Rectangle


Volume of a circle


Volume of a Triangle

Our estimate planning tools are provided for your reference and convenience. Highway Fuel is happy to help, please call us at 503-363-6444 or email info@highwayfuel.com for assistance.

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