Highway Fuel Rainbow Rock

Pebbles & Cobbles

Decorative pebble stones and rock in your yard is an ideal way to add drama, whimsy, sophistication or visual interest.

Rainbow Pebbles

Rainbow Pebbles
Rainbow pebbles and cobbles are a mixture of white, pink, red, green, blue, and purple that are ideal for water features and landscape accents. Available in the following sizes:
•    3/8” Pebbles
•    3/4” Pebbles
•    1”-1½” Pebbles
•    3” Pebbles
•    3”- 10” Cobbles

Crushed Rainbow

Crushed Rainbow
Light gray when dry. When wet, these show a beautiful range of colors. Great for areas where round rock is not ideal. Available in two sizes:
•     3/4″
•     1 – 1 1/2″

Black Pebbles

Black Pebbles
Light gray in color when dry. When wet, Black Pebbles shine with a dramatic color that adds depth to water features.

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Please Note:
Decorative rock is a natural product.
Stop by our Retail Yard to verify color, shape, and size prior to purchasing.

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