Mocha Bark

If you want your landscape to really be an eye-catcher, Mocha Bark is a great option. This material has been dyed a rich coffee brown and will hold its color almost twice as long as Medium Fir depending on weather exposure. While this product is pleasing to the eye, it also provides the same benefits as other bark dust products by aiding in protection against extreme temperatures, providing water retention, and protecting against erosion and weeds.

Independent laboratory tests state Color Rich dyes are safe for shrubs, plants, pets, and children.

Application: Install 2″-3″ for newly constructed areas or 1″-2″ to freshen existing beds.

Dyed bark FAQ

  • Store bulk bark on grass or bare soil surfaces if possible. Before unloading dyed bark on concrete or other finished surfaces, put tarps down to avoid discoloration of the surface.
  • It’s normal for bark to be damp when purchased. It will dry quickly once installed.
  • For quicker drying, spread bark no more than 6 inches deep in a landscape setting.
  • Avoid exposing colored bark to rain or sprinklers for 1 to 2 days after installing.
  • In the event of rain during the first 48 hours, rake bark to maximize color intensity.
  • Any tools used with colored bark should be rinsed immediately to avoid discoloration.
  • Use a high-pressure washer and mild cleaner to remove colorant from unwanted surfaces.


$34.00/cubic yard

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