Lawn Base

Lawn Base

A mix of Sand, Compost, and Sandy Loam, this well-balanced blend is an excellent base for your new lawn. It provides adequate drainage while maintaining the moisture that’s required for germinating seeds. This blend works great for both residential and commercial applications!

Fall Lawn Planting Tips
Fall is a favorable time to replenish and start lawns in the PNW because the soil is still warm from the summer months and the weather is cooler, which is ideal for germinating seeds. A good rule of thumb is to seed 45 days prior to the first estimated frost to allow the grass to establish. Prior to planting, ensure the pH of your soil is adequate for the species of grass you’re installing. Soil in the Willamette Valley tends to be more on the acidic side; you may need to add lime to increase it.

If you’re establishing a new lawn, you will want to:
• prepare and grade the soil
• adjust the pH if necessary
• add a starter fertilizer
• add in a new 2-3” layer of base for your seeds or amend your current soil – the condition of your soil will vastly affect that.

If you need to rejuvenate any areas in your lawn, it’s also a great time to do so. You can regrade low spots, dead or damaged areas, and reseed.

Do you have soil questions? We have answers!
We get it, soil can be a complicated subject. We’re here to help! Email your soil questions to us at We’ll have our soil specialist, Julia, reach out to you. With 15 years in the field, she is sure to have some helpful tips for your project.

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$32.00/cubic yard
2000 lbs/cu.yd*

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