june planting

June Gardening Tips

Crusting and/or drainage issues:

Crusting soil can be caused from high clay content. It can also be caused by other hydrophobic amendments, including high organic content. Our Power Plant Mix is an example of a nutrient-rich soil that can develop a crust if allowed to dry out, due to its high organic content.  This can cause water runoff, keeping important water away from your plants’ roots. If you are combating soil crusting, try to not allow the soil to fully dry out. If the soil is completely crusted try wetting the soil, allowing it to drain and then continue to water.


“These guys are awesome. Made the right recommendations for my truck size and were super helpful in determining the proper material for the project. All in all excellent service and superior attitude.”
– Dakine E.

“I came in on a Saturday afternoon. It was cold and drizzly and the gentleman that helped me load was still very courteous and friendly and smiled the entire time! It was a really surprisingly pleasant and cost-effective experience for getting wood! (I didn’t realize your prices were so good!)”
– Mishel W.

“I have been very pleased with Highway Fuel over the years. I get a lot of soil and compost products as well as pellets in the winter. They delivered 2 truck loads of soil mix to me this morning. Their driver was terrific – he worked with me to get it unloaded in the right place and in a way that took hours off my work to move it around. Competitive prices – great people! Thank you.”
– Robin S.

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