Arena Footing Sand

It is extremely important to know what type of sand you are purchasing. Many manufactured sands lead to compaction, dust and serious health concerns for riders and horses. Let Highway Fuel help install your top layer footing with their high-tech conveyor truck, with minimal leveling required. When riding in an arena, footing is one of the most important aspects of your horse’s performance.

Benefits of Footing Sand

  • Low Impact Surface
  • Improved Traction
  • Eliminates Dust

Tip: Preparation is critical to a successful project. Plan for proper drainage and excavation prior to delivery and installation of footing material.

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2 Ways to Get It!

On-Site Delivery

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Conveyor Service:conveyor_slide_2
On-Site Delivery:
On-Site Delivery
Mason Sand:Mason Sand

“The conveyor truck is amazing for spreading material in horse arenas. It is the easiest way that I’ve ever used for arena maintenance. My arena looks great!
Thank you!”
Robin W.

How Much Should I Get?

Highway Fuel Online Material Calculator and Quick Reference Guide:

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