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Douglas Fir Firewood

Douglas Fir Firewood
Kiln dried Douglas Fir. 15-16″ in length, 8-12% moisture.

Picked up Cord = $230 (per cubic yard = $28.75)
Bundles (1.3 CU FT) = $4.00

Salem/Keizer delivery:
1 Cord = $250
2 Cords = $480
3 Cords = $710

In stock now, call for delivery.

Packsaddle Wood Pellets 

Packsaddle Wood Pellets
Wood pellet fuel helps heat your home in an environmentally-friendly manner. It produces very little smoke or ash for a consistently clean performance. Quality and consistency is what you can expect from these pellets, made by our neighbors in Mill City. Packsaddle pellets are made using high quality Douglas Fir sawdust and shavings from one lumber mill. You can pick them up at our retail yard, or we can deliver right to your home. An average size home will use approximately one 40 lb bag per day. There are fifty bags in one ton.

$220/ton, $5/bag

Pick up at our retail yard or call for delivery (delivery fee applies).

Bundled Firewood

bundled firewood

Our bundled firewood is great for camping or when you just want a small fire to warm things up on a chilly Spring or Fall evening. Features a generous 1.3 cu ft, more than you’ll usually see at the big name stores.

$4/bundle (approx 1.3 cu ft per bundle)

Pick up at retail yard. Not available for delivery.

High Energy Firelogs


High Energy Fire Logs

Very dense wood logs made from 100% Douglas Fir, with no additives. They feature long burn times and low ash. We can deliver and stack a pallet (72 bundles).

$5.50 per 6 log bundle
$396 Full pallets (432 logs)

Pick up at retail yard or delivery (delivery fee applies)

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