Here’s what our customers have to say:

I’ve ordered flagstone, rock, and garden soil on separate occasions and each order has been pleasant. Good quality soil, no weed seed, my yard loved it! Flagstone wasn’t a bunch of weird broken bits, gorgeous color, and the whole large order was very consistent. Everyone has been very nice and helpful that I’ve spoken to and the price is very competitive, delivery on time and easy-peasy. Highly recommend!

- AK M.

We would have never imagined buying firewood, gravel, soil and compost would be as much fun as my wife and I enjoy when visiting Highway Fuel where you folks set a new high standard in excellent customer service.

- Allen C.

We have been using Highway for all of our landscaping needs, they are quick on delivery, give you pointers and very friendly. We highly recommend them even with the pandemic they have done a great job on being able to look at different materials on their website.

- Summer S.

Amazing pricing on delivery and super prompt and courteous. Had a split load of rock and bark and it was delivered to perfection at an amazing cost. Ordering was very easy, the sales rep was super polite. Won’t go anywhere else, they are worth 5 stars.

- Matthew H.

Your crew blew in bark dust at our home today, and I wanted to let you know they did an amazing job. Our property is nothing short of a nightmare for this sort of thing – large lot and poor access – and not only were your guys patient with us and our situation, but they made every effort to go above and beyond and make sure we were happy with the end result.

- Tom H.

Highway Fuel goes the extra mile to get things done exceptionally and professionally. Our playground was left spotless and ready for our elementary students to discover their new play equipment with a safe, cushy 12 inches of approved playground chips! They are amazing! Their five star status is definitely earned. Thank you Highway Fuel!

- Ann M.

Picked up a few bundles of wood. 4 bucks a bundle is nearly half price of what your normal hardware or big box store will charge; bundles seem bigger and better quality. Both staff members were super helpful and polite. Loaded up and paid in the drive through in under 5 minutes. Easy, cheap, convenient, all things I needed. I will be back for sure!

- John B.

Crew was awesome, got the compost exactly where we needed it and it looked great. Did a spectacular job on the clean-up, too!

- Scott T.

I had several yards of bark dust blown on to my property today. Their crew was on time, very friendly and professional. They cleaned up around my property when the job was done. I highly recommend Highway Fuel.

- John S.

The staff was knowledgeable and friendly. I was in and out quickly.

- Darrel T.

They always treat my family business really professional, I can’t mention all the names but they all know how to work as a crew. Keep it up guys.

- Juan J.

Your crew was awesome, did a great job and cleaned everything up really well when they were done.

- Carolyn N.

Your crew worked hard, cleaned up well, top-notch workers. Thanks!

- Tracy L-W.

I was taking all the yard debris from my project to the dump. I had to manually unload it. Then I found out you guys take yard debris, charge less, and you help unload it, too. Huge time saver!

- Kelly E.

When you need a rock… or bark, or gravel, this is the place.

- Lee M.

These guys are awesome. Made the right recommendations for my truck size and were super helpful in determining the proper material for the project. All in all excellent service and superior attitude.

- Dakine E.

If you need rock, bark or anything for landscaping this is the place to go – beyond excellent customer service!!

- Kriss AL.

I love this company…always great customer service and polite drivers!

- Simoneti C-M.

I love to landscape with rocks. Walls, accents, rock gardens. They have different sources of quarry rocks which gives you a lot of choice in colors and size. Also many choices in river rock and bark dust. Art on a grand scale.

- Gary K.

They have the most organized rock yard for DIY and professionals.

- Ron S.

We are doing a complete overhaul of our yard. We have bought 1/4″ minus gravel, Camas boulders and flagstone from them. We have also taken yard debris there several times. Each time we’ve been there they have been friendly and helpful.

- Eric R.

Best selection, good prices and excellent staff. They are fun, friendly and efficient.

- Nancy B.

Your crew did a fabulous job, thorough and meticulous! Trally did a great job, nothing stopped them.

- Cindy L.

Today a fabulous team of three gentlemen blew in a unit of bark dust on my property. I want to let you know that your crew were a joy. They did an outstanding job. Your team put a smile on my face and lifted my spirits.

- Michele M.

Been too long to get another batch of bark blown into the flower beds. Had your crew out this morning first thing. Watched as they went about their business. Looked like the last time years ago. Then, the most excellent thing happened. They leveled, blew the over sprayed bark into the beds and THEN sprayed down the decks, sidewalks and lawn. Wow, I thought I would have to go out and do some leveling this weekend. Nope, going to have to find another project. This one is done!!!! If I could, I’d give them more than 5 stars.

- James H

The crew this morning could not have been any better! Polite, and cleaned up better than I would have, and that’s saying something!

- Melinda M

The Highway Fuel employees who blew in my Hemlock bark dust were two of the nicest, most hard working people I’ve ever met; I’d recommend them to everybody!

- Mark P

We use Highway Fuel Company blower service often, especially this time of year. It is a great way to mitigate the risk of damaging the landscape. Going back and forth with loaded wheelbarrows over saturated soil and grass can end up doing more harm than good. A bit of mulch can also do wonders for erosion control.


I have been very pleased with Highway Fuel over the years. I get a lot of soil and compost products as well as pellets in the winter. They delivered 2 truck loads of soil mix to me this morning. Their driver was terrific – he worked with me to get it unloaded in the right place and in a way that took hours off my work to move it around. Competitive prices – great people! Thank you.

- Robin S.

Be sure to stop at the booth. The gal in the booth was super friendly and helped me load up my pellets.

- Kenneth B.

We had cedar chips for our playground delivered about a month ago, and I wanted to send a note about how wonderful the driver who dropped off the load was. He was very quick and efficient, and sure to dump the chips so that it would be easier for us to spread them. He was very conscious of where he drove his truck as he maneuvered so as not to disturb other landscaping, even though I told him not to worry about it. I really appreciated both the quality of the chips that we got, and the wonderful driver who delivered them.

- Lindsay & Kyle P-K.

I was pleasantly surprised that they left everything perfect, and I didn’t have to do anything after they left. All the plants & side of house were left immaculate. They worked really hard and fast, and did a great job.

- Barbara G.

Great driver! Did an amazing job, was very attentive to our requests. He was very cautious and careful in the area that was a little difficult to dump in, and he was very polite.

- Evan W.

Was very pleased with the crew and their work, will schedule again next year.

- Eileen S.

Driver was on-time, very nice and professional; pleased with the customer service.

- Joshua B.

Driver was very polite and did a wonderful job!

- Denise B.

Went great. They were punctual, finished the project quickly, and it was easy to pay them when they were finished with the job. They cleaned up the area nicely afterwards as well.

- Linda B.

My yard service quoted a fee of $1,350 to put down new barkdust. A few days later I noticed a big Highway Fuel truck at the neighbor’s house blowing barkdust onto their flower beds. I called and was referred to the Highway Fuel website which was very helpful. I ordered the service and was told it would be a couple of weeks before the work could be scheduled. Later that day, they called and said there had been a cancellation and they could do the barkdust the next day! The crew did an excellent job of blowing and smoothing out the barkdust in all the flowerbeds and edges. They hosed or swept off every bit of stray barkdust. They left my entire yard, house, sidewalks and driveway spotless. The barkdust looks beautiful. The whole process took about an hour. I will NEVER AGAIN haul and spread barkdust. This is a fantastic service which I highly recommend!

- Joanne C.

Always friendly, easy to deal with. I am happy with their products.

- Eileen S.

So happy with their customer service!! Jeff not only helped me choose the best materials for what I
wanted, but he helped me figure out how much and where to put it. The crew showed up on time, and
had excellent suggestions. They did a beautiful job.

- Rebecca M.

They did a great job and took the time to make sure they covered everywhere we requested and
paid attention to little details. They communicated about what they were doing and asked what we
wanted. Very good customer service. They cleaned up after themselves, left the job looking finished.

- Ron T.

Great service. They had a cancellation and called me to set up earlier; well organized. delivery

- Rich

The guys from Highway Fuel were great! They were on-time, quick, and cleaned up after themselves. Previously, we always just had them deliver a pile and then it took us a few weekends to spread the mulch ourselves. It might have cost us more money but we love that it was done so quickly and painlessly. We will definitely do this again!

- Holly H.

Hey, so we had one of your crews out to our lodging property and I am 100% pleased on how they worked!!  Please let the driver know they did a awesome job!   I was a landscape manager and did lots of blow in bark and without a doubt your crew rocked it. It was a tricky job site and we got zero negative comments from our customers!  That alone says a lot! We will have you guys out again next year! 

- Adam P.

Excellent service for landscaping needs. Simply drive up to booth, make order, pay, get truck filled, drive off. You do not need to get out of your vehicle!

- Joe H.

Really impressed with the driver’s ability to complete a specific, difficult dump request. Job was well done!

- Richard I.

My wife and I recently relocated to Salem, and needed to landscape our new home. We stopped in at Highway Fuel and spoke with a young man who was very helpful and knowledgeable; we discussed our ideas and he helped us choose the right materials to complete our project and stay within our budget. With limited space, we elected to haul the 20 yards of rock ourselves and each trip into the yard was pleasant and professional. The kiosk staff was very friendly as well. All in all, I would strongly suggest Highway Fuel to anyone wanting to complete any landscaping project regardless of the size.

- Thomas R.

Big thanks to the team working on 17th Street yesterday. I was running with my dog and intended to cross the street to avoid their hose and truck, but when they saw me they motioned for me to continue on that side, disconnected the hose, and made sure we had a clear passage. Very thoughtful – if I ever need barkdust I will buy it from you!

- Laura G.

Did a great job, extra things I didn’t even mention, looks fantastic! Amazing clean up.

- Michael B.

Driver was very helpful, an awesome driver.

- Chris A.

He was the best driver, very polite, and we’re very pleased with his delivery.

- Debbie H.

Fabulous job! Guys were very meticulous. Had to work around a lot of little plants. Guys worked very hard and had great attitudes.

- Kirsten R.

We are very pleased with how everything is going. The crew has been outstanding! Every employee has been courteous, safe, and worked their tails off to give us what we needed. Thank you for your service.

- Ted S., Milroy Golf Systems.

Driver was very precise when dropping the material where we wanted it.

- Linda H.

The guys did a great job with the barkdust. It was so nice dealing with your crew, they’re a definite asset to your company

- J Smith.

The guys did an absolutely amazing job. We usually hand spread it ourselves, but will be returning to Highway Fuel each time we need it done now.

- Jean F.

These two guys are wonderful & awesome. They worked well together.

- Patricia B.

I wanted to thank your staff for outstanding service. After the barkdust was put down, I was amazed how they washed off the leaves of each and every rose bush, as well as the driveway. My yard looks amazing!

- Jean B.

Completely satisfied. Can’t believe what they were able to accomplish in that short amount of time. They are great!

- Dave U.

Did a fantastic job. They were polite, nice, and we’re extremely pleased with the outcome of the job. The crew cleaned up very well, too.

- William D

Best, most professional job I’ve ever had done. I really appreciate everyone’s hard work and professionalism.

- Bruce W.

Thank you so much for doing such a great job at my home. Your care with my plants did not go unnoticed! It looks beautiful!

- Judy B.

Your driver did an amazing job at dumping it all exactly on the tarp. We’re very pleased with your driver.

- Kari O.

Amazing job, amazing outcome, and we love the clean up on the and around the plants. They really went above and beyond on the cleaning.

- John W.

Employees are a class act, they work really hard and are wonderful to work with.

- Scott C.

Men at the site did a helluva good job!

- Glen H.

Thanks for the service that is and has been given to myself. It’s great to work with someone who cares. Keep up the great work and supply. Also great you have employees who care!

- Bert

I’ve been in and out for material several times, you have the most polite crew I’ve ever worked with. Guys in the yard explain things with such a great attitude, drivers are always on time.

- Carol L.

Very pleased with hospitality and loved the service, dumping was spot-on.

- Steve M.

Did a superior job, looked awesome and so grateful for all the hard work.

- Claudia H.

Driver apologized up front for being a bit late, did a great job knowing where to dump, and was courteous to my kids, which was fantastic.

- Mark M.

Excellent firewood. Nice to have somebody around who knows what to look for and sells high quality materials to their customers. Outstanding wood, employees, and all-around experience.

- Glen F.

Two guys were just super! We are very thrilled with them, make sure they know how great they were.

- William S.

Very impressed and pleased. Awesome attitude, thank you for the wonderful job.

- Heather V-R

Guys did an excellent job. Cleaned up after themselves very meticulously, hardly knew they were there except for my sawdust pile being bigger.

- Bob C.

Guys were great! Very friendly and efficient. Grateful to your dispatch team for helping us meet our deadlines.

- Gary W.

Guys did a great job, it looks beautiful. I am pleased with this whole process. Thank you.

- Linda G.

Guys worked very hard and efficiently, went above and beyond, did a wonderful job. Positive attitudes and great work are highly appreciated.

- Scott M.

Very happy – Crew was very helpful and professional.

- Phillip I.

Impressed from the crew’s professionalism & the clean up was excellent.

- Linda R.

Crew leader was a gentleman, was informative and helpful, was so kind, will tell friends and neighbors about Highway Fuel. Thank you!

- Paul M.

Crew leader was a gentleman, was informative and helpful, was so kind, will tell friends and neighbors about Highway Fuel. Thank you!

- Lorna M.

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