We Welcome Donation Requests!

Whether your project is something big, like the Keizer Iris Festival, or something smaller such as a grade-school garden project, we’d love to hear what you’re up to. Drop us a line and see if we’re a match!

Please send an email to info@highwayfuel.com with your request.

Thank you!


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Dear Highway Fuel,
The struggle to get enough to eat is a daily, if often unrecognized, problem in our community. Some of our neighbors – – families just down the road from us, children who go to school with our kids or grandkids — may not always know where their next meal is coming from.
That’s why we appreciate the 10 yards of Power Plant mix you so generously provided for the Sunnyslope Community Garden. Your donation is already being put to work, providing nutritious food for kids, seniors, veterans, hardworking families, and others in need here in our area.
On behalf of all the hungry neighbors who will be helped because of your generosity, thank you.


Rick Gaupo
President and CEO
Marion County Food Share