Highway Fuel Conveyor Delivery

Our conveyor truck hauls rock, sand, or gravel at 20.5-ton loads. It can also deliver cedar play chips, compost, and bark product loads up to 30 cu yards. A great feature of the conveyor system is that it can open at the tailgate and quickly dump a load of any product in just 1 1/2 minutes. No more digging out the truck when in the field. This can save hours of manual labor.

The conveyor belt reaches up to 12 feet and rotates more than 180 degrees while launching material up to 100 ft. The belt also varies in speed. It can go slow enough to sprinkle the material off the belt or be sped up to unload the entire box in under 30 minutes!

This unique system allows the operator to place the material accurately and even in hard-to-reach places. It also allows the material to be placed directly from our conveyor to your desired location, making cleanup minimal.

For delivery information and pricing, please call 503-363-6444 or email info@highwayfuel.com.

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