Patio Stone


Bark dust is a favorite for both residential and commercial customers. It’s great for weed control, moisture retention and protecting plants from extreme temperatures. Our other wood products have many uses including animal bedding and mud control.

Medium Fir

Great for weed control, moisture retention and protecting plants from extreme temperatures.

Medium Dark Fir

This rich reddish brown bark product is a customer favorite.

Big Red Fir

This economical bark product looks great and has a price that can’t be beat!

Coastal Red

If you want your landscape to really be an eye-catcher, Coastal Red Fir is the way to go.

Mocha Bark

This material has been dyed a rich coffee brown and will hold its color almost twice as long as Medium Fir depending on weather exposure.

Fir Nuggets

We carry two sizes of Fir Nuggets: Small Nuggets are screened at 3⁄4 –1″ and Large Nuggets are 1–2”.

Red Hemlock

Ideal for the active gardener and animal owners due to the minimal amount of slivers.

Dark Hemlock

This rich reddish brown bark product adds a lush look to flower beds.

Dark Fines

Fine grain aged fir bark, very dark brown in color.


The lack of fine particles in our sawdust will reduce the risk of animal respiratory problems which can occur if dust is inhaled frequently.

Cedar Hog Fuel

Used for mud control and animal runs, this stringy fibrous bark is often referred to as “Gorilla Hair”.

Cedar Chips

Used for pathways, playgrounds, dog runs and as ground cover.

Fir Chips

Clean wood chips that can be used on dog runs, pathways, playgrounds and as ground cover.

Playground Chips

A uniform, high-quality woodchip product that meets the ASTM and ADA standards for playground access. When used to meet ASTM fall protection, follow ASTM installation guidelines.

Several Ways to Get It!

Yard Pickup
On-Site Delivery
Blower Service
You’ll find details for available delivery methods on our individual product pages. Please contact us for delivery pricing.


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