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Soil is the foundation of any planting project. Fruits, veggies, flowers and lawns can all benefit from the correct type of soil. Perk up your plants with a soil from Highway Fuel!

Fine Compost

A recycled product derived from yard trimmings and other plant material. This compost will be much finer and have less small debris than our regular compost.

Fine Dairy Compost

With a neutral pH and high nutrient value this is an all natural fertilizer that works great for either tilling into or top dressing a garden.

Fine Planting Soil

A mixture of our fine compost, sandy loam topsoil, and fine sand. This soil has good drainage which makes it great for lawn bases, flower beds, and vegetable gardens.

Power Plant Mix

This 3-way blend of Dairy Compost, Sandy Loam and Yard Debris Compost is our most popular vegetable garden soil.

Sandy Loam

Our Sandy Loam has a low clay percentage which helps reduce clumping in your beds and garden.

Screened Top Soil

A clean inexpensive top soil, great for raising up lawns or filling in low spots.

Soil Mix

Trees and shrubs will love this blend as it provides lots of organics and good drainage.


A great product to break up clay or compacted soils, or to use as ground cover mulch.

Potting Soil

A balanced growing media for above ground planting, our potting soil is composed of aged organic matter, screened pumice, compost and sharp sand.

Garden Mulch

Two organic composts blended to make the perfect top dressing for any garden.

Custom Blends

Custom blends can help you meet the specific needs of a sensitive plant species


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