Highway Fuel Retail Yards

Highway Fuel has two locations to serve you. Our North Yard (open map) is located at 6242 Portland Road NE, just north of Chemawa Road, off of I-5. Our South Yard (open map) is located at 2390 Fairgrounds Road in NE Salem, one block south of the Silverton Road and Portland Road intersection. All of our products are available for pick-up. Both locations have a convenient drive-thru kiosk, so you won’t even have to get out of your vehicle.

The average full size pick-up truck can handle approximately 2-3 yards of bark and about 1 yard of rock. You can use our online calculator to help figure out how much material you’ll need for your project. We also accept yard debris and other items for recycling, we’ll even help you unload when you get here!

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On-Site Delivery

How Much Should I Get?

Highway Fuel Online Material Calculator and Quick Reference Guide: